How It All Started

A Letter From Neil Carroll

In 2013 a mission opportunity was shared with our church. The mission work needed was in Cap Haitien, Haiti for the local hospital. It was while we were there that we met Pastor Yousvel Lormeus. He was the chaplain and helping with administration of the hospital. God was using him in so many ministries. The pastor shared the needs with us of a church plant in a very disadvantaged area of the city. This was the beginning of what would become a wonderful relationship between Pastor Yousvel, myself and so many others. In the spring of 2019 the pastor had shared a prayer request with me in regards to God calling him into some type of full time ministry. Later on in the year he shared that God had given him clarity to leave the hospital and fulfill the call HE had placed on him. All of this has come to pass and Pastor Yousvel is reaching out to churches in Haiti and seeking out the needs that he can assist with. Joe Fails and I have started a morning devotional with him and it has been wonderful. We are giving him encouragement and daily prayers are being lifted up over this new ministry. This is so amazing and such a blessing and the most wonderful part of it is that the Pastor knows so many people being involved with so many ministries. I ask you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, that you might begin to pray for this much needed ministry and consideration for support of it.


To God be the glory, not for anything that we do, but what God does through us!


God Bless You All!

In HIS Service,

Neil Carroll