How God is using DtCM

Currently, Devoted to Christ Ministries is seeking out needs in the Cap Haitien, Haiti area. Health/wellness, clean water, and prison ministries are actively coming to life as God develops more and more connections and opportunities that only HE can! We are utilizing and encouraging local churches to reach out to their communities in all of the areas in which ministries are growing. 

Health care/wellness is an area in which DtCM has been able to offer assistance. Individuals that have untreated, extreme medical conditions that need immediate attention have been able to receive the medical services needed because of the relationships in which God has developed with those at DtCM and the local hospital. As part of the health initiative, we are hoping to expand to also include nutrition ministries which will help provide food for those in need. 

Part of the water ministry that DtCM is developing is providing Water Buckets to families in order to allow them to have access in their homes to water with a spigot. This will allow for their water to not become contaminated from having to dip cups, wash hands, etc in their drinking water supply. The buckets cost DtCM $10, but families receive them free along with a bible. 

DtCM is also initiating the provision of new community water wells in the rural Cap Haitien areas. This is still in the works and hopefully we will be moving forward soon!  

As another part of the water ministry, DtCM also provides 6 large truck loads of clean water to the prison in Cap Haitien every month. This is a prison with approximately 800 inmates. Without this clean water, the inmates are at high risk for contracting illnesses. There has been a significant drop in illnesses due to contaminated water since this clean water has been available. This is a cost of $130 a month.


DtCM is looking to expand this water ministry to a more personal prison ministry. This will hopefully include providing meals to the prisoners, health services, distributing bibles, ministering to the men and women inmates, and developing a discipleship program. 

Construction projects are also an area in which DtCM is available to serve the people of Haiti. Projects such as building and roofing have been utilized to help individuals and churches in the Cap Haitian area. Constructions projects such as a transition house for a hospital, a new church building in a rural Cap Haitien area, a home for the physically handicapped, among several other jobs have all been completed since 2013.

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Most importantly, we ask that you please keep DtCM in your prayers as we seek to follow God and all He desires this organization to be.